The first GREEN BRANDS certification mark winning detergent made in Hungary

Naturcleaning GREEN BRANDS

Naturcleaning won the GREEN BRAND trademark, making it the first Hungarian-made GREEN BRANDS award-winning detergent on the market.

The brand had to comply with the strict qualification process approved by the European Union, in which an independent Austrian environmental and consulting company and a jury of 12 Hungarian experts also assess the ecological sustainability of the brand in a complex way.

Ildikó Kulcsár, the managing director of the manufacturing company, Cudy Future Ltd., decided in 2010 that, in accordance with her own principles, he wanted to establish a cleaning company, protecting the animals and the environment. More than ten years later, she proudly recounts how much of the company’s sustainability efforts have been achieved:

‘With the Naturcleaning brand, we have been developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly and skin-friendly cleansers and cosmetics for more than 10 years. We strive to use our products to contribute to a clean, healthy home and work environment while taking as little space as possible away from wildlife and continuously reducing our ecological footprint. That is why all the products we produce are vegan, phosphate, chlorine and paraben free, as well as biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The commitment of our company, Cudy Future Ltd. , which provides an opportunity for users not to throw empty bottles in the waste bins, but to be refilled after cleaning and returned to us. We have also extended this swap system to webshop trading. With our program, we have so far cleared the Earth of thousands of cubic meter of plastic waste. ‘

GREEN BRANDS díjas a Naturcleaning

Another innovative solution that the company uses when sending parcels is to use a compostable, water-soluble material instead of the styrofoam most commonly used for space filling. A short video of the material was also made:

Environmentally friendly operation and transparent, direct communication about it is highly valued by customers: Naturcleaning cleaning products are highly rated in a number of different webshops.

Congratulations to the Naturcleaning team on acquiring the GREEN BRANDS Hungary 2021/2022 trademark!