55 sustainable brands awarded at the international GREEN BRANDS gala in Vienna

The international organization GREEN BRANDS awarded awards at a gala evening to brands from three countries that met the ecological sustainability requirements of the rigorous evaluation process. The event was attended by representatives of the award-winning brands and members of the expert jury from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria. The event is the largest gala evening in the history of GREEN

Naturcleaning GREEN BRANDS

The first GREEN BRANDS certification mark winning detergent made in Hungary

Naturcleaning won the GREEN BRAND trademark, making it the first Hungarian-made GREEN BRANDS award-winning detergent on the market. The brand had to comply with the strict qualification process approved by the European Union, in which an independent Austrian environmental and consulting company and a jury of 12 Hungarian experts also assess the ecological sustainability of the brand in a complex way. Ildikó Kulcsár, the managing director of the manufacturing company, Cudy Future Ltd., decided in 2010 that, in accordance with her own