Quality Seal

The GREEN BRANDS Quality Seal is the most important and most valuable recognition for the awarded brands. It documents the proof of successful completion of the process and proves as an overall label to the consumer – as well as to the corporate client – the proven ecological sustainability of the company or product.

Since 26.11.2019, the GREEN BRANDS Quality Seal is a registered EU Certification Mark for ecological sustainability with an independent, transparent, and neutral testing procedure. Therefore, it is protected across the EU!

The Quality Seal, which is protected by patent in over 30 countries, may only be used with written permission.

Only the awarded GREEN BRANDS receive the GREEN BRANDS Quality Seal for the duration of the process or validation.

Companies/products that have successfully passed the re-validation procedure will receive the quality seal with one star (*), after two successful re-validations the quality seal with two stars (**) is awarded and so on.

Here are examples of GREEN BRANDS Quality Seals for successful re-validations:

Current GREEN BRANDS quality seals for the awarded brands in the current processes: