All awarded brands benefit significantly from extensive services and benefits:


  • Proof for the company for its environmentally conscious and sustainable production / management practices
  • Improvement / facilitation of the acquisition of new customers
  • Greater competitiveness to the market competitors
  • Enhance the image of the company in the society
  • Reduced operating costs and lower production costs, among other things thanks to resource-efficient operating procedures
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Sound and documented distinctiveness from the competitors
  • Comprehensive record with data analysis about the ecologically sustainable measures of the validated brands.

Quality seal

The GREEN BRAND quality seal is a registered EU warranty mark for ecological sustainability with an independent, transparent and neutral testing procedure.

You can find more information about our Quality Seal here.


Each awarded brand receives a certificate confirming the award and the right to use the quality seal in the specified period. The presentation of the certificate is also a first good opportunity to achieve good media coverage in a small ceremony (here you can find pictures of  presenting our certificate).


Analogous to the two-year award procedure, all award-winning brands/companies in the respective country are presented and documented in a large-format, exclusive book.

Here you can browse through all previously published books.

The production of the book is climate neutral. Only resource-saving products are used.

The GREEN BRANDS book is published in high circulation and is distributed through bookstores, associations, media partners or directly. In addition, the book is sent free of charge to market research institutes, press agencies, chambers of commerce, the business press, ministries, universities, libraries and selected leaders from marketing and advertising agencies.

Award-winning brands receive voucher copies and thus receive an excellent tool for internal and external communication. On request, it can be produced with a company-owned envelope.

Conclusion Gala

The highlight of each two-year procedure is the “Tribute Event”. At the closing ceremony the brands are honoured with the GREEN BRANDS Award on stage and also the GREEN BRANDS personality of the year in the respective country. (Here you can find pictures of our Concluding Ceremonies)

With numerous guests from business and politics, associations and media representatives, the event is also an excellent networking opportunity.

In Austria, the Austrian Environmental Journalism Prize is also awarded in four categories – see:

The awarding of the GREEN BRANDS special prize by our media partner is another highlight, as consumers have a direct personal choice through the media partners.

The medial preparation is enormously high: the event is communicated and advertised via internet, print and TV. In this way, a broad public can learn about the brands’ award as GREEN BRAND and their commitment to sustainability and climate protection.

The organisation of the gala takes place under ecologically justified conditions – i.e. climate-neutral.


In order to achieve a media presence and a high level of attention for the GREEN BRANDS, the organisation works together with media partners. In doing so, great importance is attached to a media presence in both the retail and consumer sectors. The PR activities ensure additional attention from the media, consumers and the industry.

Here you can find more information about our media partners.

Our extensive social media activities naturally also play an important role. The links to our social media platforms can be found in the footer as well as in the header of this website.


The GREEN BRANDS method was established in order to focus on the climate crisis, environmental and natural concerns on a large scale and to draw attention to the associated efforts of companies and brands.

The validation procedure documents the weak points in the most diverse environmentally relevant areas  range and ensures a significant contribution to raising awareness of the need to change one’s own actions and production processes. The resulting findings on the changeover lead, among other things, to a significant reduction in operating/production costs.

Companies therefore have the opportunity to develop approaches and solutions to improve their level on the “GREEN BRANDS Index” in training courses and workshops. The workshops are optionally offered by an independent consultancy for climate protection and sustainability.

The target group are brands that have already been awarded the GREEN BRAND label, but above all brands that do not yet meet a sufficient level on the “GREEN BRANDS Index” and have therefore initially missed the target for being awarded the GREEN BRAND label. Brands should be supported in expanding their efforts in the field of environmental protection and sustainability in order to qualify for the GREEN BRAND award.

Those brands that already bear the title GREEN BRAND are to be put in a position to improve their level on the index through targeted training measures and to document year after year that the corporate and brand goals are continuously subject to environmentally friendly and climate-friendly or sustainable measures.